Multicity Flight Booking

Under a multicity booking, you can book upto 6 flights for each route. It allows you to book several flights at once when your customers are visiting several cities in a single trip.

Booking a Multicity Flights on TravClan


 1. Go to Flights Homepage

 2. Select MultiCity

 3. Enter your desired dates & destinations (you can add upto 6 destinations)

 4. Click the search button

 5. When you get the results, select the flights you want & complete your booking

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Better fares, especially when it comes to international booking
  • Save time & ease of booking
  • Payment can be done for all flights in go
For eg, you can find better fares and ease of comfort while booking a multicity booking for Thailand, such as a flight from Delhi – Bangkok – Phuket – Delhi

You can book upto 6 sectors at once.

You can cancel the multicity booking on portal through the ‘my booking’ section. Cancellation of a multicity booking is done the same way as a normal flight booking cancellation (on the portal).

To know how, click here

In an ideal case, there is only one single PNR. But in some case, there can be multiple PNRs.

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