1. What is OnTrip Help?

OnTrip Help is a support platform for your customers when they are on trip. This feature has been built exclusively for all packages bought through TravClan. 

Note: You will be able to log in to Ontrip Help 2 days before the trip begins

2.What is the purpose of this feature?

Though we ensure that all details are shared with you and your customers beforehand and the travelers face no issues on-trip, but at times, some unavoidable issue might happen.


This feature has been created so that you and your customers get the details on the trip in an easy manner and can reach out for any issues that they might be facing.

3. How to access OnTrip Help?

Note: You will be able to log in to Ontrip Help 2 days before the trip begins

OnTrip Help Website can be opened on this link: https://ontriphelp.com/ 

If you click on this, following page is visible with two options:

  • Chat on WhatsApp: Where the customer can directly chat with our support team for any on-ground support
  • Add your Booking link and submit to check the current trip status. 

4. What information is available after Logging in?

After logging in, the customer can check the following:

  • Trip Status
  • Driver details
  • Car Pickup location
  • Trip Captain Details and Support number
  • Trip Details and Voucher
  • FAQs

5. Is OnTrip Help Available for all Destinations?

Yes, On Trip Help is available for all destinations which TravClan is currently operational in. 

6. Will the customers know they are talking to TravClan?

Absolutely not! We’ve ensured that the customers get all the required information and help but only your company name is visible to them.