Important Terminologies- Flights

    1. Out of sequence travel – In a booking with multiple legs (i.e. destinations) If pax has traveled any one leg out of all legs in the booking, the airline charges the passenger including all taxes and duties from the passenger for a travel itinerary he/she has not made.

      Example: You booked a Flight, Delhi – Mumbai – Bangalore. Now you traveled in the Delhi – Mumbai leg but did not travel in the Mumbai – Bangalore one.

      In this case, refund is not applicable in most cases (need airline’s approval for cancellation or refund) as the PNR for both legs is the same.

      Note: Even No Show refund is not applicable here in most cases.

    1. Remarks Pass – Remarks Pass is a term used to refer to a common practice to pass on additional information regarding a flight ticket or cancellation to the Airline to highlight a change.
      For eg; In a name change scenario the team passes on the remark for a name change to be read in a particular way or with a particular pronunciation. It depends on the Airline whether to accept or reject it.

    1. Partial PNR Cancellation – If in a PNR having multiple passengers or multiple sectors, only a single passenger is canceled or one of the sectors is canceled – It is called partial cancellation.

    2. Partial Sector cancellation – When you want to cancel only one sector out of the onward or return sector.

    1. Transit Visa -While taking an international flight, it is possible that there is a layover (a stop including technical layover which involves disembarking the flight) in a country that is not your destination country. In such cases,  depending upon the layover countries’ visa rules which can vary based on the number of hours of layover, a transit visa might be required. This needs to be checked with the airline and/or the respective countries’ visa information.
    2. Split PNR – In a booking with multiple passengers, if one of the passengers cancels his ticket, the canceled passenger and remaining passengers  will have separate PNRs. This is called the split PNR.

    3. RAF – Refund Admin Fee (Charged by airline) – This simply means non refundable taxes