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1. What is the price of Travel Insurance?


We at TravClan, offer flight travel insurance to all the agents at Rs.249 per pax

2. Can I buy Travel Insurance offline as well?


As of now, insurance can only be booked online along with Flights.

3. Can I cancel my travel insurance which I have already bought?

A. If canceled within 24 hours of booking, the full amount is refunded.

B. If canceled after 24 hours, 20% of the amount is deducted.

Note: Maximum time limit allowed for cancellation is 3 days from the date of issuance of policy



4. What steps do I need to follow for canceling Flight Travel Insurance?


You can mail at   or call us at +91 9205777234 to inform us regarding cancellation.

1. Out of sequence travel – In a booking with multiple legs (i.e. destinations) If pax has traveled any one leg out of all legs in the booking, the airline charges the passenger including all taxes and duties from the passenger for a travel itinerary he/she has not made.

Example: You booked a Flight, Delhi – Mumbai – Bangalore. Now you traveled in the Delhi – Mumbai leg but did not travel in the Mumbai – Bangalore one.

In this case, refund is not applicable in most cases (need airline’s approval for cancellation or refund) as the PNR for both legs is the same.

Note: Even No Show refund is not applicable here in most cases.

2.  Remarks Pass – Remarks Pass is a term used to refer to a common practice to pass on additional information regarding a flight ticket or cancellation to the Airline to highlight a change.
For eg; In a name change scenario the team passes on the remark for a name change to be read in a particular way or with a particular pronunciation. It depends on the Airline whether to accept or reject it.


3. Partial PNR Cancellation – If in a PNR having multiple passengers or multiple sectors, only a single passenger is canceled or one of the sectors is canceled – It is called partial cancellation.

4. Partial Sector cancellation – When you want to cancel only one sector out of the onward or return sector.
Transit Visa -While taking an international flight, it is possible that there is a layover (a stop including technical layover which involves disembarking the flight) in a country that is not your destination country. In such cases,  depending upon the layover countries’ visa rules which can vary based on the number of hours of layover, a transit visa might be required. This needs to be checked with the airline and/or the respective countries’ visa information.

5. Split PNR – In a booking with multiple passengers, if one of the passengers cancels his ticket, the canceled passenger and remaining passengers  will have separate PNRs. This is called the split PNR.

6. RAF – Refund Admin Fee (Charged by airline) – This simply means non refundable taxes

  • Go to
  • Search for the flights as required.
  • On the result page, use the ‘Fare Type’ filter.
  • You get the options: Published, Special Fare, Coupon SME and Others.

You’ll be sent an auto email on the registered email address that’ll contain the booking ID and other information. Our team will check if the booking is processed at the backend or not and inform accordingly on the same email within 10-15 mins.

If the booking is processed, the team will share the confirmed voucher on the email. In case the booking isn’t processed at the backend, the refund will be processed in your wallet.


Once you mention the passenger details after selecting the flight and click on the “Continue to Pay” button, you’ll be directed to the payment page, where multiple payment options are available. You can click on the desired option and proceed to pay through the same for the flight booking.


Visit the search flights page, and select your preferred flight. Once you tap on “Continue”, you will be able to see “share options”. Enter your mark-up and share your quotes easily with your customers.

Step 1
Step 2


You can give us a go ahead on the email once the charges are shared or raise a request on the portal for either “Direct Cancellation” against the required PNR.



Visit the Search hotels page, and select your preferred hotel. Once you tap on “Continue”, you will be able to see “share options” after selecting the room category. Enter your mark-up and share your quotes easily with your customers.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Following are the Payment Options available:

  • UPI (No extra charges)
  • Net Banking (No extra charges)
  • Credit card (2.36% PG Charges)
  • Debit card (2% PG Charges)
  • NEFT/IMPS (No extra charge)

You can contact Hotel Customer Support (+919513392715) or mail us at anytime if your customer fails to get any desired facility.

To make a booking cancellation request, drop a mail at along with the booking ID and the reason for cancellation. The refund amount (if any, depending upon the hotel cancellation policy) will be added to your wallet within 24 hours after the same is received from the hotel.

The cancellation policy is mentioned under “Booking policy” after you choose a hotel on the portal. We recommend you go through the same before booking a hotel.

Step 1
Step 2


Visit the ‘Website‘ section of your TravClan portal and click on ‘Get Started’. Here, you will be required to drop in your contact details after which the team will get in touch with you.
You can also click on “View Demo” in the ‘Website’ section and get directed to to request a demo and check more details about the TravClan-powered website.

The lifetime free website has the following benefits:

  • WhatsApp and Chatbot Integrated
  • Pre-loaded 350+ Promotional Packages with a Visual Itinerary
  • Dynamic & Mobile Friendly Website
  • Daily Travel News Updated & Video Tours
  • Access to Control Panel
  • SSL Certified and SEO Friendly with 100% Data Security
  • Easy to use CRM for you to manage your leads, quotes, and bookings
  • Create new Additional Pages on your website instantly
  • Collect feedback from your customers directly on your website

Additional benefits for Bronze and Gold membership members:

  • Payment Gateway Integrated (currently as per RBI guidelines our PG partner are unable to onboard new merchants and hence there will be a delay in PG activation)
  • Collect Money Feature: Lowest charges on collecting money from customers using a payment gateway

Yes, you can upload your own packages by going to the “Website” section on your portal. You will have to add custom listings by clicking on “Products”. You can also change the prices of preloaded packages provided by TravClan from here itself.

Flight API refers to the integration of flights wherein customers can directly come to the agent’s website and book flights.

You can have access to the payment gateway once you upgrade your membership to the Bronze or Gold plan.
Currently as per RBI guidelines our PG partner are unable to onboard new merchants and hence there will be a delay in PG activation.


Yes, you can save your customer’s data in the “Customer Section” under My Shop.

One can add mark up by going to the mark up section in the control panel and then adding markup for both domestic and international sectors separately.

Visit the “My Bookings” section where you can download the voucher by clicking on the option mentioned below.

Collect money is a feature that enables you to collect payments from your customers through a link on your website and funds get transferred directly to your TravClan wallet. It gets live with the payment gateway on your website.

You can withdraw as minimum as INR 1000/- from your TravClan wallet.