Flight Booking Link

Booking link is a feature that enables travel agents to share a link with their customers (via whatsapp, mail) through which they can pay directly & book flights.

To Generate Flight Booking Link

  1. Go to Flights Homepage
  2. Search the flight as required
  3. Select the flight you want to share with your customer
  4. Click on any of the sharing options (on the right side) such as Whatsapp, Gmail.
  5. On the screen that appears, add the markup you want
  6. This will allow you to share the flight booking link with your customer
  7. The Flight booking will link will contain the markup  
  8. The customer just need to add his details and complete the booking


  • You can generate this link on the payment information page as well. You can select the flight and add the customer’s detail on the ‘traveller  details’ page and then you can choose to share the link. The customer will only need to review his details and complete the booking.
  • In both the cases once the customer makes the payment, the markup is added to Travel agent’s wallet which you can withdraw or use for future bookings.



Frequently Asked Questions

To get this feature you need to upgrade your TravClan premium membership to Gold/Bronze.

You might be unable to share the booking link due to the following reasons:

  1. You do not have our premium membership (Bronze/Gold plan).
  2. You have chosen value-added services (meals, baggage, seat, insurance,etc.)

No, the prices mentioned in the booking link are not the same as your website. These are B2B prices in addition to your markup. The prices on your website are B2C rates.

No, the booking link is not generated once you add any of the above mentioned services.

The flight booking link session expires after 15 minutes. After that, your customer can choose to continue with the updated prices or can contact you in case of any confusion.


Once a customer books a flight via a booking link, the customer can view his booking history on “My Bookings” Tab on your website and your customer can download the E-ticket from there on their own.